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The library can be used by all members of the University community and by interested researchers, scholars and members of the general public as well. In order to use the library and its services a person must complete an application form for a library membership card at any library branch (the demonstration of an identity document and a passport type photograph is needed). With the library card the patron can borrow material from any branch that he/she wishes. By submitting the application form the applicant agrees to obey the library regulations. Patrons must inform the library staff about changes of their personal data or loss of their card.

Students who graduate or leave the University of Thessaly and Erasmus students should submit to their Department's Secretariat a library certificate which will state that the student has returned all borrowed items to the library. This certificate is a prerequisite for the award of any degree or any other relative document issued by the University (e.g., transfer documents, certificates of study, etc.).


Loan periods vary per membership category and are calculated on a calendar day basis. For the current academic year the following borrowing rights are valid:

University faculty and teaching staff: up to 15 items for 35 days
Undergraduate students: up to 10 items for 21 days
Post-graduate (M.Sc.) students: up to 10 items for 28 days
Post-graduate (Ph.D.) students: up to 15 items for 28 days
University staff: up to 5 items for 21 days
Exchange (e.g., Erasmus) students: up to 10 items for 21 days
Researchers: up to 10 items for 28 days
General public: up to 5 items for 14 days

Library staff can recall any item that has been lent before the expiration of the normal borrowing period. In this case users are obliged to return the recalled material within two (2) days after their notification.

The loaning period for each borrowed item may be renewed up to 3 consecutive times only if:

  • the item on loan is not needed by the library,
  • it has not been reserved by another library member and
  • the renewal was asked before the expiration of the normal return date.

The renewal period is equal to the normal loaning period. Renewals should take place at the library branch from where the item was borrowed or by telephone at the same branch. Renewals for which the normal return date has expired cannot be completed unless the overdue fine is paid.

Overdue fines

If a library member fails to return the material borrowed by the loan expiration date, an overdue fine is charged. Overdue charges are calculated on a calendar day basis, according to the time period between the normal and the actual return date of the lent material. In the case of recalls the fine period starts two (2) days after an oral or written notice is given to the library patron.

The library staff collects the overdue charges in cash. Library members who are charged with an overdue fine do not have the right to borrow any other material before the return of the overdue material. In addition, access to all library services is suspended until the overdue charges are paid.

The library staff has no obligation of informing library members who have exceeded their normal loaning period.

Material loss or damage

Library members are required to report the loss or damage of any borrowed items to library staff and replace these items within the next thirty (30) days. If a lost or damaged item cannot be replaced by the library member, then a payment equal to the item price must be made to the library.


For information and guidance about the following services users may ask the library staff, consult the relevant leaflets or visit the library web site (http: //

-    Interlibrary loan services.

-    Informational services (OPAC use, Web services, etc.).

-    Bibliographic services.

-    CD-ROM network use (Databases).

-    Online access to electronic material (electronic journals, e-books, etc.).

-    Access to the official government newspaper (CD-ROM form).

-    Access to periodical catalogues.



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