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Insect genetic engineering and applications

[ 4th Year]

Lecturer: K. Mathiopouloς, K. Tsoumani

CONTENT - Aim of the course

The course focuses on insect biotechnology applications in medicine, plant protection and industry. Insect biotechnology utilizes either whole insects or part of their organs, cells, molecules and symbiotic microorganisms. New technologies and strategies for the control of insect pests or disease vectors will be presented, as well as the development of genetic engineering strategies for the development of beneficial products and applications will be elucidated. 


The following subject areas will be covered:

1.  Transposable elements for insect transformation

2.    Sex-specific and tissue-specific transgene expression

3.    Docking systems for site-directed transgene integration

4.    Inducible systems for transgene expression

5.    Sterile Insect Techniqueand variations (SIT and RIDL)

6.    Gene drive systems


Student evaluation is based on:

1. Lecture attendance (A)

2. Active participation during lectures (L)

3. In-class presentation of a specific topic (P)

4. Written examination

Final degree (D) = 0,3×A + 0,2×L + 0,5×P

If D<5 written examination will be necessary.

IfD>5 written examination could improve the final degree. 


1. Recombinant DNA: Genes and Genomes – A short Course. Third Edition. Watson J.D., Caudy A.A., Myers R.M. and Witkowski J. Palgrave Macmillan Ltd 2007

2. Transgenic Insects, Techniques and Applications. CABI Biotechnology Series. Edited by Mark Q. Benedict. ISBN-13: 978-1-78064-451-6.

3. Related Scientific Journals:

 -  Annual Review of Entomology

 -  Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  -  Insect Molecular Biology

  -  Current Opinion in Insect Science

  Teaching Material / e-class



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