Synthetic Biology- (7th Semester)

[ 4th Year ]

Course coordinators: Kostantinos Mathiopoulos, Κalliopi Papadopoulou

Lecturer: Konstantinos Garagounis

CONTENT- Aim of the course


The goal of Synthetic Biology is the synthesis of new biological systems that do not normally occur in nature and which have novel characteristics and traits. At a basic level Synthetic Biology deconstructs biological processes, for instance the production of a protein from a gene, and subsequently reconstructs products so as to generate a new system with a unique new function. In other words, Synthetic Biology aims to create living systems from scratch and to attribute novel functions to them. In this manner, Synthetic Biology contributes to the better understanding of the principles of biology, but also comprises a source of novel products with high added value, for instance cheap drugs form microorganisms, bacteria that produce energy or remediate dangerous environmental contaminants, programmed bacteria that search for and destroy tumors within an organism, and many more applications. This introductory course focuses both on the principles of this new science and on its applications.



The course includes lectures covering the following topics:


1.    Basic concepts in Biological Engineering


2.    Basic Methods and Technologies


3.    The Minimal Cell and Synthetic Life


4.    Parts, Devices and Systems


5.    Modeling Synthetic Biological Systems


6.    Applications of Designed Biological Systems


7.    iGEM: international Genetically Engineered Machine

8.    The social impact of Synthetic Biology 



Student performance for this course is judged base on: 


1. Attendance of lectures (A)


2. Participation in discussions during lectures (P)


3. Literature-based presentation/essays on specific subjects (E)


4. Written exam


Cumulative Score (S) = 0,2×A + 0,2×P + 0,6×Ε


If S<5 written exam is required

If S>5 written exam may improve final score.


Synthetic Biology: A primer BaldwinG, BayerT, DickinsonR, EllisT, FreemontPS, KirneyRI, PolizziK, StanG-B. ISBN: 978-618-5173-26-5 (Κωδικός στον Εύδοξο: 68403717)


Relevant peer-reviewed journals:

      ACS Synthetic Biology (


    Synthetic Biology (

    Systems and Synthetic Biology (

    International Journal of Systems and Synthetic Biology (

    Current Opinion in Systems Biology (

    Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology (




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