The Student Association is comprised of all active students, whereas it is represented by seven members elected through the student elections that are held during the spring semester of every year. The allocation of the positions at the Directors Board is based on the percentage of the votes that every combination of candidates receives but also on the results of voting of the combinations. The Directors Board aims to represent the rights of the Student Association, to decide on issues that concern the students, to organize the activation of the students in the University environment, to organize and conduct events and to ensure the orderly cooperation between the students and the academic stuff of the Department. The decisions made by the Directors Board and the General Assembly of the students are sent to the Assembly of the Department and to the University Senate.

Currently the Directors Board is organized as follows:

President:        Vasiliki-Georgia Michalopoulou

Secretary:         Eleni Peristeri

Cashier:           Trifonia Fortomari

Member:           Dimitra Tzini

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