Infrastructure and Equipment

The Department has the necessary infrastructures and logistics equipment for supporting cutting-edge research requirements in the wide field of Biochemistry and Biotechnology. This equipment has been acquired through funding from the national and European sector as well as via numerous national and European research grants attracted by the staff of the Department. The following research units function in the DBB:

 Microscopy Unit

 Macromolecular Crystallography Unit

 Plant Growth Units

 Cell Culture Facilities

 Radioactivity Handling Unit


 Computational Biology Infrastructure

Basic equipment

The Department has the modern, necessary logistical and material equipment for the accomplishment of research projects. The equipment includes centrifuges, refrigerated and not, spectrophotometers (UV-VIS), analytical balances, a device for liquid sterilization, a washing machine, several hoods, fridges (+4°C), freezers (-20°C) and ultra-freezers (-80°C), water purification systems, nucleic acids and protein electrophoresis systems, incubators (cooling and not) and vertical laminar flow cabinets of class I and II biosafety.

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Participation in infrastructures


OMIC-Engine is the National Hellenic Research Infrastructure on Synthetic Biology that aims to develop a holistic approach on promoting Synthetic Biology in research, education and industry. Its research activities are focused on unravelling the role of the Agro-Food sector in Greece and developing high value products.
The Research Infrastructure OMIC-Engine is an allocated research infrastructure in a national level. Four Greek universities (University of Thessaly, National Technical University of Athens, University of Patras and Democritus University of Thrace) are the main research contributors regarding omic technologies in Greece. In parallel, five more academic institutions with complementary know-how (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Agricultural University of Athens, University of Ioannina, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and National Hellenic Research Foundation) contribute to the development of crucial collaborations in order to address a plethora of research issues in the field of Synthetic Biology and their exploitation from the industry sector.


INSPIRED is the only national infrastructure in the field of structural biology. The contributors for the University of Thessaly are the DBB (lab of Structural and Comparative Biochemistry - Unit of biomolecule crystallography) and the Department of Veterinary Medicine (Lab of Biochemistry). INSPIRED aims to address the needs of the scientific community which is active in the field of Structural Biology and in the broader Biosciences field with ultimate aim the identification and studies of new biomolecules and bioactive compounds and their Pharmacological evaluation.



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