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PhD PROGRAMREGULATION (Adopted by the 37th Special General Assembly



PhD Studies per year of support



Stagos Dimitrios: Study of biological activities of extracts and plant polyphenols from Greek grape varieties (Vitis vinifera).
Supported: 23/11/2006, supervisor: D. Kouretas
Psohiou Eleni: Molecular cloning and characterization of the major serine proteases genes in the euryhaline teleost Sparus aurata: salinity and hormonal regulation of gene expression and enzyme activity.
Supported: 15/12/2006, supervisor: Z. Mamouris


Kottaridi Christina: Molecular identification and genome evolution of Echoviruses.
Supported: 20/11/2007, supervisor: P. Markoulatos


Dedepsidis Evagelos: Poliovirus OPV strains- Correlation between recombination and RNA secondary structures.
Supported: 10/7/2008, supervisor: P. Markoulatos
Manta Styliani: Bioactive unsaturated ketonucleosides, sythesis and biological evaluation of fluoro-ketonucleosides of adenine and cytosine.
Supported: 2/10/2008, supervisor: D. Komiotis


Giannouli Stamatina: Genomic and functional analysis of non-conventional aminoacylation systems in pathogens.
Supported: 16/1/2009, supervisor: K. Stathopoulos
Nikolopoulou Demetra: Studies on the composition of legumes and carob seed germ meal and their effect on physiology and biochemistry of digestion of Mediterranean fish species.
Supported: 6/2/2009, supervisor: K. Moutou
Paximadi Eleni: Recombinant poliovirus strains – sites of genetic recombination.
Supported: 11/2/2009, supervisor: P. Markoulatos
Kakani Evdoxia: Molecular analysis of genetic loci that are involved in the mechanism of development insecticide resistance in the most important olive fruit pest, the olive fly Bactrocera oleae.
Supported: 22/6/2009, supervisor: K. Mathiopoulos
Voudouris Constantinos: Study of bio-ecology and insecticide resistance of the codling moth, of apple Cydia pomonella.Supported: 23/6/2009, supervisor: Z. Mamouris
Katsarou Konstantina: Studyof modification of signaling events of MAPKs – ERKs pathway in the presence of HCV viral structural proteins. Supported: 11/11/2009, supervisor: P. Markoulatos


Kavadas Panayiotis: Study of integrin-linked kinase role on pulmonary fibrosis.
Supported: 12/2/2010, supervisor: D. Kouretas
Kyriakopoulou Zacharoula: Molecular detection of enteroviruses in the environment and characterization of recombinations sites in circulating enteroviruses in the environment.Supported: 8/3/2010, supervisor: P. Markoulatos
Pliaka Vaia: Molecular detection of Noroviruses-Polioviruses in the environment. Identification of genetic recombinations and correlation with the replication efficiency of viral strains.
Supported: 8/3/2010, supervisor: P. Markoulatos
Spanou Chrysoula: Study of biological properties study of extracts from several varieties of legume.
Supported: 24/6/2010, supervisor: D. Kouretas
Veskoukis Aristidis: Allopurinol administration effect on oxidative stress during exercise.
Supported: 5/10/2010, supervisor: D. Kouretas
Xirogiani Athanasia: Development of methodology for the molecular detection and identification of bacteria and the application of patient's clinical samples
Supported: 1/11/2010, supervisor: P. Markoulatos
Tzioumaki Niki:Synthesis of novel keto- and exomethylene pyranonucleosides with antiviral and cytotoxic activity
Supported: 3/12/2010, supervisor: D. Komiotis
Tsoukala Evagelia: Synthesis of anew class of fluoro-thio-nucleosides with potential antiviral and anticancer activity
Supported: 3/12/2010, supervisor: D. Komiotis
Koutsogiannouli Evagelia: Molecular analysis of Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) in natural and breeding populations of animal species.
Supported: 12/2/2010, supervisor: Z. Mamuris
Karoulia Zoi: A functional and structural study of the von Willebrand factor and its role in hemostasis individual reactions .
Supported: 30/06/2011, supervisor: D. Leonidas
Abusdeg Farag: «Development methodology for measuring in vitro digestibility of feeds Mediterranean fish species - Assessment of the nutritional value and growth rate»
Supported: 01/07/2011, supervisor: K. Μοutou.
Stamatis Konstantinos «Phylogenesis and genetic structure of brown haire (Lepus europaeus) with the application of molecular methods»
Supported 21/12/2011, supervisor: Ζ. Μαmouris.
Tsoumani Konstantina «Molecular analysis of genome organization and structure of the olive fruit fly, Bactrocera oleae»Supported: 22/6/2012, supervisor: Κ. Mathiopoulos
 Μyrtziou Amalia-Ioanna «The role of nitric oxide in the antioxidant enzymatic mechanism in the plant Medicago truncatula»Supported: 6/4/2012, supervisor: Κ. Papadopoulou
El Xamidie Avraam «Regulation of protein kinase Function by Cdc 37 and the group of molecular chaperones»
Supported: 1/2/2013, supervisor: D. Kouretas
Georgiou Styliani «Expession of skeletal myosin light chaim 2 in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata L): regulation and correlation to growth markers»Supported: 27/9/2013, supervisor: Κ. Μoutou
Κrokida Afrodite " Genome organization, Functional analysis of Biosynthetic genes and metabolic diversity of triterpenes in legumes"Supported:1/11/2013, supervisor: Κ. Papadopoulou
Katsarou Dimitra "Biosynthesis and Regulation of metabolism of glucosinolates in the plant Eruca Sativa"
Supported: 28/11/2013, supervisor: Κ. Papadopoulou
Kyritsis Christos "Cyano and ethynyl-pyranonucleosides:Synthesis and Evaluation of their antiviral and anticancer activity"Supported: 28/11/2013, supervisor: D. Komiotis
Ruether Irina Georgia Anna "Molecular and Phylogenetic analysis of noroviruses"
Supported: 7/3/2014, supervisor: P. Markoulatos
Tsakogiannis Dimitris "Determination of the physical state of HPV-16 genome, association with the grade of cervical malignancy and identification of HPV-16 integration sites into the cellular chromosome"
Supported: 7/3/2014, supervisor: P. Markoulatos
Perruchon Chiara "Isolation and study of bacteria able to degrade pesticides contained in the wastewaters produced by te fruit-packaging industry"Supported: 12/06/2014, supervisor: D. Karpouzas
Kerasioti Efthalia "Effect of a spesial carbohydrate-protein cake on markers of oxidative stress, inflammation and hypoxia after exercise in humans"Supported: 22/7/2014, supervisor: D. Kouretas
Zygouridis Nikolaos "Population analysis of the major olive insect pest, Bactrocera oleae, with the use of molecular markers". Supported:31/10/2014, supervisor: K. Mathiopoulos
Sagri Eftymia "Transcriptomic and proteomic analysis of the most important olive pest, the insect Bactrocera oleae, with emphasis on sex differentiation and insecticide resistance systems. Supported: 30/10/2015, supervisor: K. Mathiopoulos
Κantsadi Anastasia: "Glycogen phosphorylase as a molecular target for the design of new antihyperglycaemic drugs". Supported: 17/12/2015, supervisor: D. Leonidas
Gerasopoulos Konstantinos "Assessment of antioxidant capacity in pigs and broiler chichens, after administration of feed, with polyphenolic additives from olive mill wastewaters". Supported: 19/2/2016, supervisor: D. Kouretas
Gkoutzourelas Nikolaos "Study on the effects of grape extracts in muscle and endothelial cells using a combination of molecular methods". Supported: 19/2/2016, supervisor: D. Kouretas
Parmenopoulou Vanesa "Synthesis of novel pyranozylamide and furanosylnucleoside inhibitors of glycogen phosphorylase and ribonucleases as potential antidiabetic and antitumor agents". Supported: 18/3/2016, supervisor: D. Komiotis
Chatzileontiadou Dimitra"Biochemical studies on human angiogenin". Supported: 14/10/2016, supervisor: D. Leonidas
Κaras Panagiotis "Biological treatment of pesticide-contaminated wastewaters from the fruit packaging industry. Supported: 20/12/2016, supervisor: D. Karpouzas
Dimopoulou Athina "Base modified pyranonucleosides with potential antiviral, antitumor and antidiabetic activity: design and synthesis". Supported: 9/3/2017, supervisor: D. Komiotis
Dimitriou Tilemachos "Study of the in vitro production mechanism of polioviruses and EV-C enteroviruses recombinannt strains". Supported: 28/4/2017, supervisor: P. Markoulatos

Grigoriou Maria Eleni "Genomic and Transcriptomic Analysis pf the olive fly reproductive system, aiming at novel control methods, Supported: 7/2/2018, supervisor: Κ. Mathiopoulos
Galliopoulou Eleni "Functional analysis of FRA10AC1 human gene in the context of the protein-protein interaction network of spliceosome", Supported: 2/7/2018, supervisor: Τ. Sarafidou
Gorgogietas Vyronas"Role of steroid hormone receptors in the regulation of cellular pathophysiology, Supported: 6/7/2018, supervisor: Α.-Μ Psarra
Stravodimos Georgios, "Biochemical studies of enzumes in glycogen metabolism", Supported: 10/7/2018, supervisor: D. Leonidas
Giannoulis Themistoklis, "The contribution of mtDNA in evolution:paradigms from wild and domestic animals", Supported: 5/10/2018, supervisor: Ζ. Mamouris

Priftis Alexandros "Assessment of coffee extract bioactivity, Supported: 7/3/2019, supervisor: D. Kouretas
Spanidis Ypatios "Assessment of oxidative stress in vivo by using a new indicator of redox potential in physiological and pathophysiological conditions", Supported: 7/3/2019, supervisor: D. Kouretas
Skiada Vasiliki "Colonization of legumes by an endophytic Fusarium solani strain K. Early-stage molecular signaling and sub-cellurar responses"Supported: 17/9/2019, supervisor:K. Papadopoulou
Makri Sotiria "Assessment of the antioxidant capacity of feed supplemented with by-products of winery and olive oil industry in broilers and lambs",Supported: 8/11/2019, supervisor: D. Kouretas
Karra Aikaterini "Biochemical characretization of Glucocorticoid Receptor mechanisms of action. Plant steroids and their semisynthetic derivativew as putative selective glucocorticoid receptor agonists" Supported: 22/11/2019, supervisor: Α.-Μ Psarra
Katsoula Athanasia "Study of the function and diversity of the microbial community in plant phyllosphere and rhizosphere and interactions with the environment"Supported: 22/11/2019, supervisor: D. karpouzas
Kollatos Nikolaos "Base modified acyclic, 3΄-Τrifluoromethyl and methylnucleosides: design, synthesis and evaluation of their biological avtivity" Supported: 12/12/2019, supervisor: D. Komiotis

Theochari Ioanna " Development of nanodispersions as carriers for bioactive compouds and their biological applications" Supported:20/1/2020, supervisor: V. Papadimitriou
Goutzelas Ioannis"Αssociation analysis of the FTO gene with obesity nad meta-analysis of transcriptomic data" Supported: 31/1/2020, supervisor: Τh. Sarafidou
Rousidou Konstantina"Isolation of bacteria that degrade carbamate insecticides & characterization of the functional & ecological role of bacterial gene involved in their hydrolysis in soil" Supported: 12/3/2020, supervisor: D. Karpouzas
Kyriakis Efthymios "Biochemical studies on glycogen metabolism"Supported: 4/5/2020 supervisor: D. Leonidas
Vlastaridis Panayotis "Bioinformatics analysis, management and organization of biological data related to post-translational regulation" Sypported:9/7/2020, supervisor: G. Amoutzias
Kouka Paraskevi "Assessment of the antioxidant activity of an olive oil derived from Mount Athos using molecular techniques" Sypporeted: 15/7/2020, supervisor: D. Kouretas
Moros Georgios  "Finding biomarkers related to Intrauterine Growth Restriction with metabolomics"Sypported: 28/7/2020, supervisor: P. Zoumpoulakis
Michou Myrsini "Development of optimized bacterial strains for recombinant production of prokaryotic and eukaryotic integral membrane proteins" Sypported: 11/9/2020, supervisor:G. Skretas




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