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1. Brief Description 6. Thesis
2. Research Interests 7. Photos
3. Personnel 8. Useful links
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5. Publications    

1. Brief Description:
The Structural and Functional Biochemistry Laboratory serves the educational and research needs in the disciplines of biochemistry (intermediate metabolism, synthesis and nucleic acid metabolism, synthesis, structure and function of proteins), structural biochemistry, proteomics, structural genomics, regulation and Metabolic Control of Enzymes and the implementation of all the above in Analytical Biochemistry, Enzymology Clinical Biochemistry, Food biochemistry, Chemical Biology, structure-driven drug design and Biophysics as applied to Biochemical Sciences.
2. Research interests:
The general theme that underlies the work of the SFBG is macromolecular structural and functional biochemistry in which protein structures and protein interactions within complexes in solution are used as the starting point for further studies on the mechanisms of catalysis, mechanisms of inhibition, regulation, molecular recognition, and structure-based drug design.
Currently our activities are directed to research on structural and functional aspects of macromolecules of pharmaceutical and biotechnological interest and structure-based drug design. The main directions of the group's research activities is the rational design, synthesis, and evaluation of molecules against major diseases with a current emphasis on type 2 diabetes, cancer, inflammation, and thrombosis. Research in SFBG also aims to elucidate the correlation between structure/function of enzymes involved in glycogen metabolism, ribonucleases of the pancreatic ribonuclease A superfamily, deadenylases which are the enzymes that degrade poly(A) tails regulating mRNA turnover rates mitochondrial steroid hormone receptors, and gene expression and homeostasis factors. Specific project within the laboratory are as
3. Personnel:
  • Mr. Georgios Stravodimos, PhD. Student
  • Mr. Athanasios Kiritsis, PhD. Student
  • Mr. Viron Georgogietas, PhD. Student
  • Ms Aikaterin Karra, PhD. Student
  • Ms Theodora Solovou, PhD. Student
  • Ms Ioanna Theochari, PhD. Student
  • Ms Panagiota Liggri, PhD. Student
  • Ms Myrsini Michou, PhD. Student
  • Ms Rafailia Beta, PhD. Student
  • Mr Eftymios Kyriakis, PhD. Student
  • Mr  Georgios Moros, PhD. Student
  • Ms Olga Papaioannou, PhD. Student
  • Mr Dionysios Antonopoulos, PhD. Student
  • Ms Athina Keramidiotou, PhD. Student
  • Mr Konstantinos Tsilafakis, PhD. Student
  • Mr Ionnis Tsialtas, PhD. Student
  • Ms Aikaterini Karagiorgou, PhD. Student

4. Funded Research projects:

  • University of Thessaly Research Committee. “Proteomic analysis of the entomopathogeny of Pseudomonas entomophila”. Grant No. 4098. PI: Μ.Κοntou
  • University of Thessaly Research Committee. «Studies on function and structure of poly(A) specific ribonuclease, PARN». Grant No. 3743. PI: Nikolaos Balatsos.
  • Ministry of National Education and Religion Affairs Project Eraklitos IΙ: «Τranscriptomic and proteomic analysis of the most important parasite of the olive, the insect Bactrocera oleae, with emphasis on systems gender segregation and resistance to insecticides». M.Κοntou, collaborator
  • University of Thessaly Research Committee. "Structure and function studies of the poly(A) specific ribonuclease PARN". Grant No.3743. PI: Nikolaos Balatsos.
  • University of Thessaly Research Committee. "Role of steroid hormone receptors in mitochondria functions” Grant No. 4088.14.01. PI: Α.-Μ. Psarra.
  • General Secretariat for Research and Technology, Joint Research Projects Greece - France (2010-2012): Human angiogenin as a molecular target for the development of new anticancer agents. PI: D.D. Leonidas
  • Structure-assisted Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Bioactive compounds for type 2 Diabetes mellitus" "ARISTEIA" Action of the "OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME EDUCATION AND LIFELONG LEARNING" and is co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and National Resources.

5. Publications (2005 - ):
  1. Structural analysis of the Rhizoctonia solani agglutinin reveals a domain-swapping dimeric assembly.Skamnaki, V.T., Peumans, W.J., Kantsadi, A.L., Cubeta, M.A., Plas, K., Pakala, S., Zographos, S.E., Smagghe, G., Nierman, W.C., Van Damme, E.J., Leonidas, D.D. (2013) FEBS J. 280, 1750-1763.
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6. Thesis:
Final Year Projects
  1. Elena Prokova Biochemical studies on eosinophil derived neurotoxin (2013) (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  2. Panagiota Ligri Assessment of natural extract for hypoglycaemic activity (2013) (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  3. Eirini Xemantilotou Purification and biochemical characterization of tomatinase from fusarium solani (2013) (Advisor: M. Kontou)
  4. Angelliki Angellopoulou Evaluation of antitumor activity of selective modulators of estrogen receptors (2013) (Advisors: M.N. Alexis & D.D. Leonidas)
  5. Vassiliki Kolotroni Immobilized trypsin for proteomic analyses (2013) (Advisors: G. Massolini & D.D. Leonidas)
  6. Kalliopi Pegiou Αssessment of polyphenolic extracts from Vitis Vinifera for hypoglycemic action (2013) (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  7. Nikos Nikoleousakos Assessment of glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors for their drugability with computational methods (2013) (Advisor: G. Papadopoulos)
  8. Stavroula Theophanous Kinetic and crystallographic studies of glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors as potential antidiabetic agents (2012) (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  9. Apostolos Gevrekis Glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors as antidiabetic agents (2012) (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  10. Athina Georgiadou Kinetic studies of glucosidic analogues as inhibitors of glycogen phosphorylase b (2012) (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas).
  11. Eleni Mavridou Biochemical studies of glycogen phosphorylase for the design of hypoglycaemic drugs (2012) (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas).
  12. Zisis Koutsogiannis The binding of 5 substituted glycopyranose nucleotides to glycogen phosphorylase b (2012) (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas).
  13. Evangelia Iliana Adamou Kinetic and crystallographic studies of glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors with the goal to design new hypoglycaemic agents (2012) (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas).
  14. Maria Tsioumpekou The effect of nucleosides analogues on the ribonuclease enzymatic activity (2011) (Advisor: N. Balatsos).
  15. Georgia Dimoulou Expression studies of the subunit 7 from the CNOT deadynalation complex in leukemia (2011) (Advisor: N. Balatsos).
  16. Maria Hatzi Interacting factors with polyU sequences (2011) (Advisor: N. Balatsos).
  17. Thomas Plakas Relationship of the G2576U, C2534U, and G2576U+C2534U mutations on the23S rRNA from Staphylococcus epidermidis strains with resistance in the antibiotic linezolid. (2011) (Advisor: G. Papadopoulos).
  18. Martha Savidou Inhibition of glycogen phosphorylase as a target for the design of new hypoglycaemice agends: kinetic and crystallographic studies. (2011) (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas).
  19. Michael Kodounis Control of the transcription activity of the glucocorticoid receptor from the transcription factor Prox-1. (2011) (Advisor: A.-M. Psarra).
  20. Paschalina Pallaki (2010) Studies on the bioligcal significance of the human deadenylase CNOT7 (Advisor: N Balatsos).
  21. Savvina Moustafa (2010) Studies on the regulation of the brain sodium-urine peptide in physiological and cancer human cells (Advisor: N Balatsos).
  22. Anastasia Tomatsidou (2010) AtNOC, a new deadenylase regulated by the circadian rhythm in Arabidopsis thaliana (Advisor: N Balatsos).
  23. Diana Skoutelnik (2010) Studies on the biological role of the human deadenylase Nocturnin (Advisor: N Balatsos).
  24. Maria Maltezaki (2010) Expression studies of the poly(A) specific ribonuclease (Advisor: N Balatsos).
  25. Argiri Stamatoula (2010) Isolation and biochemical characterization of tomatinase from the fungus Fusarium solani strain FsK. (Advisor: M. Kontou).
  26. Dimitrios Pouliosς (2010) Statistical study of the degenerative lesions of the cervical spine - the effect of sleep habits as predisposing factors. (Advisor: B. Bagiatis)
  27. Evangelos Tsigaridas (2010) Denaturation of von Willebrand factor in hemostasis in 8 M urea concentration with molecular dynamics simulations. (Advisor: G. Papadopoulos)
  28. Vicky Stathi (2010) Denaturation of the A, Α2, Α3 subunits of the von Wilebrand factor with constant power exercise during molecular dynamics simulations (Advisor: G. Papadopoulos).
  29. Vassilios-Chrisobalantis Palios (2010) Relationship of the U2504A and C2534U mutations on the 23S rRNA from Staphylococcus epidermidis with resistance to the antibiotic linezolid (Advisor: G. Papadopoulos)
  30. Agelliki Deligianni (2010) The role of PAI-1 in the occurrence of myocardial infarction in young people (Advisor: M. Kontou)
  31. Stefanos Fakiolas (2010) Study of gene polymorphisms of the receptor of the low density lipoprotein (LDL-R) in familial hypercholesterolemia (Advisor: M. Kontou)
  32. Stelios Karoulias (2009) Biochemical and molecular characterization of the tomatinase from fungus Fusarium solani strain FsK (Advisor: M. Kontou)
  33. Anastasia Kansadi (2009) Proteomic analysis of the wild and mutant strain of Pseudomonas entomophila (Advisor: M. Kontou)
  34. Eva Marakaki (2009) Overexpression, purification and structural studies of the carboxy-terminal domain 348-826, with S641àE replacement, of the hypoxia induced 1α (HIF1α) factor (Advisor: M. Kontou)
  35. Ekaterini Karagiorgou (2009) Overexpression, purification, and structural studies of the recombinant poly(A) – specific ribonuclease (PARN). (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  36. Stavros Papatzelos (2009) Structural comparison of protein complexes and isolated polypeptide chains after equalization with molecular dynamics simulations (Advisor: G. Papadopoulos)
  37. Dimitra Leventi (2009) The effect of synthetic noucleotides on poly(A) – specific ribonuclease (PARN). (Advisor: N. Balatsos)
  38. Βasiliki Chatzigeorgiou (2009) Inhibition of the degradation of poly (A) tail from synthetic analogues and nucleoside substrates ((Advisor: N. Balatsos)
  39. Βasiliki Zervakaki (2009) The effect of nucleoside analogues on the enzymatic activity of the bovine pancreatic ribonuclease (RNase A) (Advisor: N. Balatsos)
  40. Vassiliki Tsirkoni (2008) Structural and kinetic studies of the RNase A in complex with U5P and UDP. (Advisor: M. Kontou)
  41. Maria Tziastoudi (2008) Installation of the molecular modeling software package MODELLER and applications on the von Willebrand factor. (Advisor: G. Papadopoulos)
  42. Panagiotis Maragozidis (2008) The effect of noucleotide analogues on poly(A) specific ribonuclease PARN. (Advisor: N. Balatsos)
  43. Theodosia Dimopoulou (2008) Silencing of the poly(A) specific ribonuclease PARN with the use of double-clone RNAs in human cancer cells (Advisor: N. Balatsos)
  44. Εrgina Vourkou (2008) Overexpression, purification and structural study of the carboxyterminal domain 348-826 of the hypoxia induced 1α (HIF1α) factor (Advisor: M. Konotu)
  45. Dimitrios Anastasakis (2007) Overexpression, purification and studies on the enzymatic activity of poly(A) specific ribonuclease PARN. (Advisor: N. Balatsos).
  46. Μaria Papachristou (2005) Study of the cancer antigen Her/neu (Advisor: M. Kontou)
M.Sc. Thesis
  1. Georgios Stravodimos (2013) Assessment of polyphenolic extracts from byproducts of the pomegranate and grape industrial process for hypoglycaemic activity by biochemical methods (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  2. Chrysogelloy Eleni (2013) Inhibitors of glycogen phosphorylase as potential antidiabetic drugs (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  3. Evridiki Mpoulimari (2013) Assessment of the hypoglycaemic activity of polyphenolic extracts from byproducts of the pomegranate industrial process for hypoglycaemic activity by biochemical methods (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  4. Aikaterini Kotsona (2012) Assessment of natural compounds as inhibitors of glycogen phosphorylase for the design of new hypoglycemic agents (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  5. Stamatoula Argiri (2012) Glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors as potential antidiabetic drugs (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  6. Vassiliki Pepa (2012) Crystal Structure of two variants of the Sclerotium rolfsii lectin (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  7. George Oikonomakos (2012) Kinetic and crystallographic studies on the binding of a new glucopyranosyl analogue to glycogen phosphorylase b (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  8. Stilianos-Zafeirios Karoulias (2012) Assessment of Triazole pyrimidine nucleosides as inhibitors of Ribonuclease A (Advisor: N. Balatsos)
  9. Αnastassia Kantsadi (2011) Glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors as potential hypoglycaemic agents. (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  10. Εrgina Vourkou (2011) Crystallization and structural studies of the xanthine oxidase (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  11. Μaria Tziastoudi (2011) Parametrization of the antibiotic linezolide for Charmm force field. Simulation of the 50S ribosome subunit from E.coli in complex with linezolide (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  12. Αthina Totomi (2010) Study of the deadenylase biological role in patients with lung cancer (in progress) (Advisor: N. Balatsos)
  13. Dimitra Xhatzileontiadou (2010) Biological role of the deadenylases CNOT6 and CNOT8 (in progress) (Advisor: N. Balatsos).
  14. Cryssoula Gakou (2010) Cloning, overexression and study of the Α1 and Α2 subunits of the blood coagulation factor von Willebrand (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  15. Christina Siouta (2010) Study of the A1 and Α2 subunit interaction from the blood coagulation factor von Willebrand with site-directed mutagenesis (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  16. Georgia Batra (2010) Purifcation and structural studies of phosphorylase from solanum tuberosum. (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  17. Αthanasios Kyritsis (2010) Studies on the biological role of the poly(A) specific ribonuclease PARN (Advisor: N. Balatsos).
  18. Μaria Labrou (2010) Studies on the role of subunit 7 of the CCR4-NOT complex (Advisor: N. Balatsos).
  19. Μaria Karageli (2010) Expression study of the poly(A) specific ribonuclease PARN in patients with leukemia (Advisor: N. Balatsos).
  20. Κonstantina Papaspyrou (2010) Expression studye of deadenylases in patients with leukemia (Advisor: N. Balatsos)
  21. Christina Spanou (2009) The binding of 5’ phosphate guanosine to eosinophil derived neurotoxin: kinetic and crystallographic studies (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
Ph.D. Theses
  1. Zoi Karoulia Effect of platelets in the individual reactions of haemostasis (in progress) (Advisor: D.D. Leonidas)
  2. Stelios Floros Study the behavior of proteins in alternating electric field in molecular dynamics simulations (in progress) (Co-advisor: G. Papadopoulos).
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