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An annex of the University of Thessaly Library operates in the

Biopolis campus in Larisa



Eligibility for Library membership:


(a) UTH permanent teaching staff


(b) UTH contracted teaching staff


(c) Undergraduate Students at UTH


(d) UTH Masters students


(e) Doctoral candidate students at UTH


(f) Administrative and technical UTH staff


(g) International Exchange students(e.g.ERASMUS students)


(h) Αssociate researchers, non-members of UTH


(i) General public


Acquiring Membership


In order to acquire membership, a membership application form must be filled out at any University of Thessaly Library Annex. Holders of an Academic ID card (either of the UTH or other universities) may complete this form upon providing their ID- this will also function as their Library Membership card. Those without an Academic ID may file a membership application upon displaying their National ID card or passport. A passport-style photograph should also be provided and will be used to issue a Library Membership ID card. Members must inform Library staff of any: loss of Membership ID card, for ID card re-issue requests, change of status within the University, or any change in their address on record at the Library.


Library services


1. Borrowing


The University of Thessaly Library functions as a lending library. Members wishing to borrow materials must take all selected materials to the lending office and provide their Academic ID Card or Membership ID Card. Library staff records the material’s data by scanning its barcode and registers it to this member’s account. Staff, also checks the member’s account for possible overdue materials or other issues. No new material may be borrowed, until all overdue materials are returned. If there are no outstanding issues, staff finalizes loan of the material by stamping it with the return date.


A «Member’s ID Card» may be used to borrow material from all UTH Library annexes independently of which annex the card was issued by. All borrowed materials must be returned to that Library Annex from which they were originally borrowed.



Normal borrowing terms


The length of time for which materials can be borrowed is dependent on the position within the University which a Library member holds and is defined at the beginning of each academic year by the Library Committee at the beginning of each year, following a motion by the Library’s Director. For the current academic year, the borrowing periods for members are:



Maximum number of items borrowed

Maximum loan period (days)

Permanent teaching staff, Special teaching staff, and Contracted lecturers



UTH Undergraduates



UTH Master’s Students



UTH Doctoral Candidates



UTH Staff



Non-UTH Researchers



Members of the general public




Renewal of borrowed items


For all books or other Library materials, the loan time can be renewed up to three (3) times in succession, assuming the materials are not required by the Library or by another member and that the renewal was requested before the previous loan period expired. Renewal of past due items will only be allowed after all fine and charges due have been paid in full. Renewal may be conducted in person at the corresponding annex, by telephone, or online via the new Library Information System catalogue (OPAC).


Recall of borrowed materials


All materials borrowed from the Library may be recalled by Library staff under extenuating circumstances. Members with borrowed materials to be recalled are alerted by telephone, in writing, or by e-mail. Members must return recalled materials within two (2) days of the date on which they were alerted if this was done by phone, or of the date of receipt of an alert in writing or by e-mail.


Lost or damaged materials


All materials removed from the Library are in the responsibility of the member who borrowed them until their return. In cases where material is lost or severely damaged, members must report this to staff and are required to replace such material within thirty (30) calendar days or to reimburse the Library for cost of replacing such material.


2. Borrowing form other Library annexes


Members of the Library & the Information Centre of the UTH (LICUTH) are offered the intra-Library borrowing service, that is the transfer of literary materials between different Library annexes or the Central Librarynot located in the same city, and the inter-library borrowing service, that is the exchange of materials and information resources with other collaborating libraries.



For more information regarding the intra-library borrowing service, please visit the Central Library of the University of Thessaly following this link


3. Information support services


Library electronic database (OPAC)


The electronic database (OPAC) enables users to search the Library collections (and the Libraries of other Greek Universities) and gives access to up to date, personalized electronic services, such as book renewals, requests for materials to be held in reserve, etc. For more information please follow this link


Online electronic journals


The library offers the option of searching and locating titles and volumes of available electronic journals along with full length articles within these journals, independently of the issuing body (this includes approximately 27,000 journal titles comprising the full subscription list of Library and Information Centre of the UTH and the Hellenic Academic Libraries-Link, in addition to selected titles that are offered by their publishers free of charge. For directions please follow this link


 Biopolis Library Annex contact details: 2410-685740-41 or 2410-565513,


e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Opening times: Monday to Friday from: 8.15 - 18.00




For more information contact the


Central Library


University of Thessaly


Metamorfoseos 2, 38333 Volos


Telephone: 24210-74892


Borrowing-Renewals: 2421-074760, -1

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