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The Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology is located in Larissa and belongs to the School of Health Sciences, along with the Departments of Medicine, Veterinary Science, Νursing, Puplic and Unified Hearth, and Physiotherapy of the University of Thessaly. The Department accepted students for the first time in 2000 and today is at its 15th year of operation. Being the first Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology in Greece, it carried the burden of formulating a studies program that would not only be of equally high standards to those in other countries but also adapted to the particularities and priorities of Greece.

Today, in the post genomic era that followed the complete sequencing of genomes from humans, animals, plants, microbes and viruses, Biochemistry and Biotechnology constitute one of the main pillars of development. In this context, the Department's ambition is to offer high quality scientific training. It also hopes to create a generation of scientists who, from the very beginning of their studies, will have a clear perception of the requirements for innovation and smart specialization of the Hellenic industry while they will have the ability to meet the scientific challenges of today in basic and applied research. This especially needed in new areas such as - omic Technologies, Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology where scientific and technological advances are vast. Thus, the Department considers that students should receive constant and in-depth information as part of their educational process on new scientific and technological ideas and tools. In an increasingly competitive working environment, our graduates will have to do pioneer work if the Greek economy is to become prolific.

Today, after 19 years of operation, the Department is autonomous, has five postgraduate programs, and it is operated by 22 members, 7 university fellows, 8 technicians and 10 members of the administrative personnel. Over the years the Department has developed an international network of scientific collaboration, and it has received a significant number of research grants. This network includes most of the institutes of higher education in Greece and many distinguished academic and research institutions in Europe and elsewhere. Many of these collaborations have arisen or have developed through competitive national or international programmes for which members of the Department have succeeded in obtaining funding. The Department has made a significant contribution in basic and applied research and produced a large number of scientific publications. In parallel it dynamically contributes in the economic growth of Thessaly through innovative research projects and services in collaboration with local industry with emphasis to the agroindustrial and food sector.

In 2011 the Hellenic Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education evaluated the Department. The results of this focused evaluation of the Department's research quality and capability showed that the Department has the potential to achieve international stature in the near future and also that the Department's graduates have a high degree of skills relevant to the development of the bioeconomy in Greece. Recently the construction of a new building of 5700 m2 which will fully cover the teaching and research needs of the Department has been incorporated in the National Strategic Reference Framework of Thessaly. Construction of the new building is expected to finish in 2016 and it will definitely provide new perspectives for the Department.

Today the Department has 754 students, 134 postgraduate students and 56 Ph.D. students. Meanwhile 769 Biochemists-Biotechnologists have graduated, and 517 M.Sc. and 52 Ph.D. diplomas have been awarded contributing significantly in the accessibility to Higher Education. However, the Department continues its effort to further improvement through constant evaluation at all levels and continuous recommendations to all stakeholders to strengthen the Department in order to continue its effort to provide the highest quality education of students. It is our belief - and no effort will be spared - that our students should be adequately prepared not only to obtain current knowledge but to also follow closely all future developments in biochemistry and biotechnology, in which developments are most likely to mark humanity's course in the 21st century.

In the pages that follow students will find useful information that will help them during their student life. The Department's faculty and staff will be ready to assist with any problems.


The President of the Department

. Prof. K. Mathiopoulos




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