Chair: Dimitrios  Karpouzas, Professor of Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology
Deputy Chair: Aikaterini Moutou, Associate Professor of Vertebrate Biology

General Assembly Members
1. Academic Staff Members:
Z. Mamuris, Professor of Animal Population Genetics
D. Kouretas, Professor of Animal Physiology
D. Komiotis, Professor of Organic Chemistry - Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules
K. Mathiopoulos, Professor of Molecular Biology
D. Leonidas, Professor of Biochemistry
D. Karpouzas,  Professor of Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology
K. Moutou, Associate Professor of Vertebrate Biology
K. Papadopoulou, Associate Professor of Plant Biotechnology
G. Papadopoulos, Associate Professor of Biophysics
G Amoutzias, Associate Professor of Bioinformatics in Genomics
A.-M. Psara, Associate Professor of Biochemistry
P. Giannouli, Assistant Professor of Technology and Quality Control of Food of  Plant Origine 
E. Zifa, Assistant Professor of Biology - Neurobiology
D. Mossialos, Assistant Professor in Microbial Biotechnology
M. Kontou, Assistant Professor of Protein Chemistry
K. Liadaki, Assistant Professor of Biochemical Pharmacology
N. Balatsos, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
Th. Sarafidou, Αssistant Professor of Animal Molecular Genetics
D. Stagos, Assistant Professor of Animal Physiology
Α. Giakountis, Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology- Genomics
V. Scamnaki, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry-Metabolism
D. Tsikou, Assistant Professor of Molecular & Developmental Plant Biology
2. Technical assistant representative
I.  Gargalianou
3. Technical and Scientific Staff representative
S. Marras -regular member
K. Stamatis-substitute member
4. Undergraduate student representatives
5. Postgraduate student representatives
M. Daskou-regular member
Z. Skaperda-regular member
E. Lagos- substitute member
A. Belavilas-Trovas, substitute member

Secretary: Dimitra Kandylari
Visiting Hours:
Monday - Friday 10.00 a.m. - 13.00 p.m.
Biopolis (Ground Floor)
41500, Larissa
Τel: +30 2410-565271 - 3
Fax: +30 2410-565290
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Committees operating in the Department

1.Academic Planning and Studies Program Committee (D. Kouretas, D. Leonidas, K. Mathiopoulos, K. Papadopoulou, Th. Saraphidou)
2.Equipment and Infrastructure Committee (D. Karpouzas, K. Ladaki, Th. Saraphidou, A.-M. Psarra)
3.Ethics Committee (D. Komiotis, K. Mathiopoulos, G. Papadopoulos, D. Stagos)
4.Research Planning Committee (D. Karpouzas, D. Kouretas, Z. Mamouris, N. Balatsos)
5.Committee for the Promotion of the Department and Connection with the Society (D. Kouretas, D. Leonidas, G. Amoutzias, M. Kontou, K. Liadaki, N. Balatsos, Th. Saraphidou, Α-Μ. Psarra)
6.Catering Commitie (Α. Ζifa)
7.Ethics and code of conduct committee (K. Mathiopoulos, G. Papadopoulos, D. Stagos)
8.Doctoral study committee ( D. Kouretas, D. Mossialos, G. Amoutzias, A. Moutou, A.-M. Psarra)
9.MODIP-ADIP: V. Pantazis
10. Undergraduate Programme of Studies Certification Platform Manager (V. Pantazis)
11.ΟΜΕΑ -Ιnternal Assessment Group (D. Stagos, A. Giakountis, D.Tsikou)

Participation of staff members to University committees

1.Committee for Strategic Planning (D. Leonidas/ D. Karpouzas)
2.Library Committee (M. Kontou/ A. Zifa)
3.International Relations Committee (K. Mathiopoulos/ D. Karpouzas)
4.Commission for Cultural Exchange and European Educational Programmes (D. Mosialos/ G. Amoutzias)
5.Research Committee (K. Moutou/K. Papadopoulou)

  Student Advisors

1st Year: Associate Professor Gr. Amoutzias
2nd Year: Αssistant Professor N. Balatsos
3rd Year: Assistant Professor M. Kontou
4th Year: Professor D. Kouretas




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