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Organization of Studies

Undergraduate studies in the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology are extended over eight semesters, two per academic year. Each semester lasts 17 weeks (14 weeks of instruction + 3 weeks of exams) as follows:

  •  Winter semester (September -February) 
  • Spring semester (March -June)

Five to seven courses are taught in each semester. Most of the courses involve lecture attendance, practicals and tutorials. Attendance in practicals and tutorials is mandatory.

A Degree in Biochemistry & Biotechnology is awarded after four years of study, the successful completion of 43 courses including an experimental Diploma project and the fulfilment of two-month vocational training at an enterprise/company of the biochemistry - biotechnology sector.


1 1st Year
2 2nd Year
3 3rd Year
4 4th Year


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